About Us

We are graphic artists, musicians, and innovators. 

Hey, there! Thank you for having us on your artistic journey. We're people just like you, who wake up every day and go to work that determines our lifestyles. Same like the learners, musicians, and visionaries we're working with, we really do not need to hit the clock. We would like to encourage – and we'd like to be supported.

To be the leading art marker provider all over the world by 2030.

Our goal is to provide state-of-the-art and reasonably priced markers for art at the same time. At OLEEP, we're passionate about delivering the best and most creative art markers and craft products in the industry today. Whatever your design, you can count on TouchNew Markers for providing incredible quality and design art marker.

Our continued dedication to brand quality and best customer service will guarantee that you are very satisfied with the products of OLEEP Markers. 

We are committed to giving you QUALITY MARKER products from all over the globe!

To everyone, art is more than what we create – it's a feature of power and knowledge. 

Whether it is a symbol of our joy, our sorrow, our excitement, our curiosity, or our desire, art is the gift that we will leave behind to tell the coming generations how we have been at this moment in time. It is a symbol in darkness and uncertain night that binds us to our human believers. Art will cure, connect, and bring us down to our feet.

With us get the marker that’s best for you.

That's why we think it should be open to all of us. And they're just part of what we're doing. 

That's why we consider making the art of OLEEP Markers easily available for designers at affordable prices.

OLEEP Markers is universally known for its continuous improvement. Our art markers are used by skilled and aspiring artists globally in a number of sectors. We value every interaction we have with our customers and artists. Our qualified experience has helped us to create innovative solutions for the production of high-quality markers, and committed creators using OLEEP Markers products have consistently communicated their specific requirements, allowing us to create an unmatched and diverse selection of high-quality art products.

We understand that they're more than just pigments and paper. We understand that at the perfect time, you require high-quality shades to show the globe your creativity as it is supposed to be seen. 

We want you to be motivated to do just that. 

And if you ever notice that your art marker are unconvincing, we’re going to make it perfect. You can consider any concerns that need to be handled immediately – so that you'll get back to what really needs to be done.

We're committed to getting brands from all over the globe to your doorstep. Art is the way to express you. We're providing the resources – you're steering the way.

Thanks for taking the time to visit OLEEP Markers. You're here on our website, which means a lot to us then you'll ever know. We are very committed to customer loyalty and would go out of our way to accommodate you are happy with your order, and if you want a discontinued product, please write an email to info@oleep.com.
Evan Sun
OLEEP Markers